Declaration of privacy terms

Declaration of privacy terms

Following are the Terms and Information about how we are using your(user, visitor ) information, storing and processing of it. You hereby agree to use this website abiding by the terms mentioned below and Terms of Use. (Click Here to Know detailed Terms of Use of this Website) . We do not use your personal information to any commercial purpose, neither do we sell, distribute share or show your information to any third party without your prior consent. We are highly committed to safeguarding your information with the best possible way and are abided by the Ontario law of personal privacy - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Your Personal Information

We collect your information to send you notices, information and updates on any site change or any notice prior to college classes and studies. We do not collect any sensitive information or personal information without your consent to it. Other than cookies, we collect information through forms and your permission is always taken is such cases.

Safety of Your Personal Information

At Kensley College, we ask to fill forms for various purposes and your personal information is stored into our secured databases. Such personal information is not shared with any third party for any reason. This data is just used to validate your identity and process your courses and certificates in a flawless manner. This data is accessible by only an authorized person of Kensley College and is only disclosed when it is necessary to carry out an important operation that does not harm your identity or you in any manner. One such circumstance includes sharing information according to order of law, Ontario.

Third-Party Websites and Links

You may find some links to another website taking you outside of Kensley Website. We do not take consent of yours when you leave our website or click any such link. Terms of Use of these links or websites may differ and Kensley takes no responsibility.

Protecting Your Information

With Kensley College, we do our all possible and best efforts to ensure the safety of your Information. From the point of collection of your data to the storage of data and usage of data for validation purposes, we ensure all-round safety. Even after so many efforts, we can not guarantee any disclosure of your information by third-party sites or any intruder taking control of system illegally. Internet system along with the medium of transmission of information between you and our systems, and our web servers are always prone to attack and we can not guarantee you full safety of it.

Your Agreement to Privacy Policy

Using this website in any way is your consent that you agree to Terms of Use of this website and Privacy Policy of this website. Altering this Privacy Policy comes under the rights of Kensley College and we can do that with or without informing you by any means.

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